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Pro Quality Hand Drawn Art from Photos

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USD $1.99

New York Times sums it up: "This app turns your photos into pencil sketches of remarkable quality."

Featured under "Staff Favorites / Impress Your Friends" in the US App Store.

Just pick an image from your photo library, and watch it being sketched into a beautiful piece of art. Have endless fun playing around with settings, exploring a vast world of art possibilities.

Extremely easy to use. A handful of simple but powerful controls make you the artist in charge, enabling a wide range of different sketch art styles.

Completely unparalleled art quality. Not even desktop computer programs come close.

Save your creations in resolutions from 480 by 320 for web use up to 2880 by 1920 (5.5 megapixels) enabling printouts in high quality.

Rock solid algorithms generate great results with any type of image content. Try portrait images, landscape scenery, people, abstract stuff, computer graphics or anything else.

Zoom as deep as you like into the finished sketches to inspect the strokes. Your art will appear perfectly sharp at any zoom level. This is because sketches are built using vector curves, not from blocky pixel data.

Input images can be of any size. Tiny web images are easily transformed into works of high resolution sketch art.

A full screen crop feature lets you define exactly what part of the source image to use. Re-crop as many times as you like.

Send your artwork as emails or save to your image library, to the shared documents folder, to the clipboard or to facebook.

For professional or advanced users: A powerful PDF export upgrade is available for purchase inside the app (USD $4.99). PDF sketch saving is almost instant, file sizes smaller and output resolution is infinite. The PDF sketches are fully editable in vector drawing applications like Adobe Illustrator, right down to the tiniest stroke bend.

A few user quotes:
- "We even printed a large one off and framed it. People thought it was done by a professional artist." (Canada)
- "I would rate this 10 stars if I could! One of the best apps in the app store!" (US)
- "The results are stunning and better than I could do using any other program." (US)
- "Hands down this app is the best in the store as far as photo effects." (US)
- "I absolutely love, love, love this app! The sketches are awesome and so detailed." (US)
- "Very cool: Works great! It's amazing how simple and accurate this app is." (US)
- "Freakn awesome! Anyone can be an artist. Works perfect on ver 3.0 3GS." (Australia)
- "This app is more than just amazing." (US)
- "This is worth $10!" (US)
- "Watching it sketch out the photo is as cool as the final product. I love this!" (US)
- "If you wanted a program on your computer it would cost you 20 times what this one does, and I have tried those and they are no way as good and fast as this app" (UK)

Studio Mee, Inc. • • Drottensgatan 2, 22223 Lund, Sweden • Org. Nr. 556817-1119