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SketchMee Pro
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SketchMee mainly adds PRO grade output features to the already feature packed basic SketchMee version:

• Export any sketch razor sharp in sizes up to 128 megapixels. (Compared to 16 megapixels in basic version.)

Layered Photoshop PSD export for endless creative possibilities (New in version 1.3!).

PDF export. Vector sketches: small files, infinite resolution! Fully editable in vector drawing applications like Adobe Illustrator.

PNG export. Perfect quality, losslessly compressed images.

• Export using transparent paper (for PNG and PDF). Simplifies overlaying sketches onto your own background textures.

• Adds "Highest" to the "Detail" menu. Enables a mode of extremely high sketch detail.

• Adds "Hardest" to the grayscale "Stroke Width" menu. Guarantees every stroke to be purely black or white.

Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Studio Mee, Inc. • • Drottensgatan 2, 22223 Lund, Sweden • Org. Nr. 556817-1119